On June 24, 2015 Vision by Design Optometry is giving away sunglasses to children under 5.  Did you know 80% of UV exposure to your child’s eyes occurs before age 18.  Short term damage can cause itchy, red, watering eyes and sensitivity to light.  Long term damage can cause cataracts, cancerous lid lesions, macular degeneration and premature wrinkles.  Parents know to put sunscreen on their children’s skin, but are unaware of the importance of sun protection for their eyes.  Protect your child’s eyes from damaging UV rays for life by making sure they always wear sunglasses outside, even on cloudy days.  Most drug store sunglasses have UV protection sprayed on the surface, where as our sunglasses have UV protection embedded in the lens, so it won’t wear off with time.

It is important that all children have annual eye exams starting at age 2 to determine that they have healthy eyes and vision.

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Call 780-444-6407 to schedule an exam.  Children’s exams are covered by Alberta Health Care        until age 18 and children in kindergarten are eligible for free glasses.