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Your Preferred Edmonton Eye Doctors

It takes passion, skill and incredible attention to detail to be a successful eye doctor in Edmonton. But a successful practice demands eye care professionals with a sense of service, community and the need to do your best for your patients.

Vision By Design provides you with eye health professionals who specialize in understanding the human eye and its functions. We are knowledgeable in eye disease symptoms and eye conditions that can damage your vision, even those that may not have visible symptoms. Your eye health is our top priority, and we provide you with the care you need to have healthy sight for all of life’s great.

Maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership between you and your eye care professional. You need to trust your eye doctor to monitor your progress, notice changes in your eye health, ask questions and share the information you need to make decisions for you and your family.

At Vision By Design, our eye doctors and eye health experts work with you to get the eye health solution for your needs. We bring our technology, knowledge and desire to inform together to give you the best possible solution in the best experience possible.

Under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Keep, Vision By Design has been providing the standard in eye care in Edmonton.