Our Edmonton Eye Care Clinic

The Vision By Design team believes that our patients are the point of our practice. Everything we do is on behalf of our patients and their families.

We took a lot of time creating a professional and safe environment that feels warm, inviting and comfortable. We also complemented our space with the latest technology and amenities, just as you would expect from Edmonton’s best eye care clinic.

We’ve outfitted our office and clinic with the highest grade premium equipment that gives our patients the most reliable and accurate eye health data—data that helps us understand health matters and recommend next steps. Our equipment is not only accurate, it is leading technology, which can have higher sensitivity than older equipment, potentially detecting possible issues long before other instruments. In some cases, having state-of-art equipment can save failing sight.

In addition to eye care, we provide assistance in choosing the right frames for your needs. Our eye care specialists can help you with a custom eye care makeover, so not only will your new frames be functional, but also fashionable!

Vision By Design’s philosophy is a balance between investing in the technology to do the job right and investing in our relationships with our patients for their long-term health.

We are currently accepting new patients, and we would be happy to discuss you and your family’s eye health. Contact us today!